Our Mission

NYC Aerospace's incubator is one of our most ambitious projects. We aim to guide students through ambitious projects, using our experience, connections, and resources in aerospace to turn great thinkers into entrepreneurs. We aspire to help young, often first time, entrepreneurs and engineers address real world problems by creating new products with a focus on Aerospace engineering. We hope to help students with inspiring ideas make their visions into realities, and offer support to students who have a vision to change the world.

Project Highlight: BEEBOS

Meet Philip Paterson, a Junior at Stuyvesant High School and the lead developer of the BEEBOS project. From as long as I can remember, I have always had an insatiable curiosity about things around me, and space was one of the most intriguing areas one could hope to explore. But just learning didn’t suffice, and aerospace entrepreneurship was my calling. That’s why I joined NYC Aerospace: to pursue that need for action.

BEEBOS are self-assembling cube-shaped autonomous robots with modular faces. They’re used as platforms for implementing different instruments to perform a variety of tasks. From spectrometry to the assembly of large structures in space, BEEBOS are a cheaper option for any robotic venture in space. They use cold-gas propulsion, which allows 6 degrees of freedom, and link using electromagnets. 5 out of the 6 faces have removable sections where you can insert any instrument you desire. The versatility of BEEBOS is second-to-none and will become the future of autonomous robotics in space.

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