Intelligent aerial vehicles


The intelligent vehicles department is working to utilize artificial inteligence and machine learning in the piloting and decision making of drones. There are many applications of this technology, but we hope to develop face tracking drones, autonomous medicine delivery drones, swarm technology, and modular space robots (BEEBOS).


The mission of the intelligent vehicles department is to develop useful applications of AI in aerial vehicles.


The skills that we are based in are electrical engineering, mechanical engineering skills, metalworking, computer programming, soldering, and CAD expertise. The majority of the challenge is in the programming, so experience in python/C/C++ or machine learning algorithms is helpful. New members who don’t lack these skills can be taught easily, and will be a crucial part of the department.

Commitment and daily activities

The hobby section of the Electronics department is a low commitment division. However, the electronic design component of this division will occasionally have deadlines to meet in order to stay in line with other teams. Individuals may bring a project of interest to Electronics, which we can then help to develop and fund.