We are building and launching a satellite into space


The CubeSAT initiative was originally created by Mr. Thomas, the AP of Physics and Chemistry at Stuyvesant High School. Since our beginnings in February of 2019 we have reached out to multiple companies and manufacturers, and are partnering with the PRISMS school in New Jersey to help us build and design our technology.


Our mission is to launch a spectrometer into inner-earth orbit utilizing CubeSAT technology. This will make us one of the only schools in the United States to launch a fully-capable satellite and collect data from it while it is in space.


We are currently looking for expertise in multiple fields, including but not limited to optics, chemistry, hardware design, circuitry, material physics, projectile physics, computer programming, metalworking, thrust design, and many other fields.

Commitment and daily activities

Our CubeSAT initiative is currently split into two separate main goals: the CubeSAT and the spectrometer. Designing a spectrometer from scratch and implementing it into existing CubeSAT technology is a challenge that we are currently working on. Other challenges include data collection systems and developing new space-grade technology.

CubeSAT Opportunities for Members

NYC Aerospace is planning on submitting a proposal to a NASA program in which they take several CubeSATs into space as secondary payloads on the Artemis 2 mission. To apply the CubeSAT team will need to come up with and submit a separate proposal. The proposal can be found here. If you are a student interested in participating in this unique mission please reach out to us at either nycaerospace@gmail.com or leon@nycaerospace.org.

We hope to, in the near future, collaborate with the High-Power Rocketry team to build our own satellite and rocket. The goal of this mission would be to independently create our own satellite mission. Though ambitious, we believe this goal is entirely achievable with dedicated members at our side. If you are interested in helping us start and eventually achieve this goal please reach out to us at either nycaerospace@gmail.com or leonsmaksin@gmail.com.