Designing, manufacturing, and launching
experimental suborbital rockets

About Us

NYC Aerospace is a registered 501(c)(3) organization centered around decreasing the barrier to entry of the Aerospace industry. We hope to expose students to real life aerospace engineering by having them participate in legitimate and ambitious engineering projects. Currently, students are participating in a mission to build a cube satellite, develop new rocketry technology, and program the next generation of drones. Though we are heavily involved in education, our number one priority is the development of new technology. We strive to create opportunities within the aerospace industries for NYC students, regardless of class and location. NYC Aerospace is the only organization in New York City, and possibly in the United States, that provides easy access to resources for young aerospace enthusiasts. We have divisions at 9 schools and universities, as well as students participating on their own, and only hope to grow that number. We hope that NYC Aerospace will become a staple in the many opportunities New York City provides to its students.

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